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Discover the benefits of cold process soap

In the world of artisanal soaps, cold process saponification has become a popular technique, offering considerable benefits both for the skin and the environment. Let's dive into the fascinating details of this method and discover why it's the only method we use for making our soaps at Ético.

1.Preservation of the benefits of ingredients

Cold process soap stands out for its fabrication method at lower temperatures, thus preserving the natural properties of the ingredients. Essential oils, natural butters and other components maintain their effectiveness and benefits for the skin.

2. Maximum hydration

Unlike hot saponification which can eliminate certain natural moisturizing agents, the cold process method allows the natural glycerins produced during the process to be preserved. Result: soaps rich in hydration that leave the skin soft and nourished after each use.

3.Soaps softer and creamier

Our cold process soaps have a unique, softer and creamy texture. The preservation of unsaponified oils contributes to a delicate and luxurious lather, providing a pleasant washing experience.

4. Creative Personalization

Cold saponification allows us great flexibility in the creation of soaps. Endless combinations of natural oils, butters and additives (all our soaps contain kaolin clay) make it possible to design unique soaps that meet specific needs, whether for sensitive skin or for aromatic properties. particular.

5. Environmentally friendly

This artisanal method is also environmentally friendly. By using organic vegetable oils and butters and avoiding energy-intensive overheating, cold saponification minimizes the ecological footprint while producing better quality soaps. Unlike liquid soap, cold process soap does not require a preservative.

6. Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Cold process soaps are gentle and suitable even for sensitive skin. The presence of natural ingredients and the gentleness of the manufacturing process reduce the risk of irritation, making these soaps an ideal option for all skin types.

In conclusion, cold process saponification goes well beyond a simple soap making method. It is an art that combines respect for nature, creativity and exceptional benefits for the skin. By opting for Ético soaps you are investing not only in a skin care routine, but also in an ethical and ecological perspective.

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